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There are never any charges from JT Medicare Solutions. 
The insurance companies pay us regardless of which Medicare plan you choose. 

That is why we are only interested in finding



Our goal is to help  you get the MEDICARE plan that works best 


You have many choices when selecting a Medicare Plan. Our job, is to help you find the Medicare Plan that fits your healthcare needs. We will walk you through this process from beginning to end. Starting with educating you about how Medicare works, to selecting a plan that works for you!

We are here for you to :

  1. Research all the options

  2. Complete all paperwork

  3. Submit all documents for the plan you choose. 


“It’s a great way for us to help people who need it most and at no cost to them.  It’s a win-win situation. “

Thomas Dillon- President 

Tom has had his insurance license since 1984.  As Tom became more specialized within Medicare, he realized Medicare is like a moving target for one of the most trusting groups of individuals (Seniors).  It is always changing and difficult to understand.  For the last 10 years, Tom has dedicated his efforts to help seniors make informed decisions (with annual reviews) to choose the right Medicare plan for them.  Tom studies Medicare Supplements and Advantage plans year round.   This allows him to recommend plans that will protect your assets and allow you to continue to obtain the medical care you deserve. 

Tom is married to the love of his life.   Joanne and Tom dated in college, went their separate ways, had families of their own and as life would have it, found each other again later in life.  Together, they have six children aged from 20 to 26 years old and somehow make it all work!  We love what we do!  "We go hiking, fishing, and enjoy family time as much as possible!"

"I understand the importance of having a good healthcare plan.  My middle son is a cancer survivor for 7 yrs now.  I am grateful for all that I have."

Joanne Dillon- Vice President
Joanne Dillon has over 19 years of experience working within the customer service and patient care arenas. Her background includes  office administration, medical front office billing specialist, and educational/teaching provider.  Joanne has an extraordinary ability to mediate between patients and provider staff. She is very caring and patient.  JT Medicare Solutions is an opportunity for her to do what she is passionate about: Help others to find the health plan that they deserve, not just what they think they can afford.  She loves to go hiking, boating and having a garden.  "I am a family person and always want the house full of family and friends. "

Tami Kacevas- Marketing Advisor
Tami Kacevas is the owner of Tami Kacevas Designs. She has 20 years of experience helping small business with branding and rebranding. Her marketing skills focus on helping businesses succeed using custom marketing strategies. Her main goal is to educate her clients about the process of design and marketing making the path to success easier and affordable. 


We are with you throughout the entire process by:

  • Listen to your concerns and needs to choose the right Medicare plan.

  • Analyze the different plans for you and your needs.  

  • Explain the differences between plans, emphasizing the pros and cons for each one. 

  • Guide you through the process to choose the right plan.

  • Promise to provide you with the services you need to get the healthcare plan you deserve and can afford.

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Planning for MEDICARE services can be difficult and sometimes even scary. We are here to provide a GREAT service and ease the process to choose the right plan for you.

We do this because it shouldn't be this hard!

"I am a Marketing Artist transforming ideas into communicative art"